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Best at Bras

We Conceptualize, Design, Develop, and Manufacture innovative lingerie products. We proud ourselves for specializing in Bras, being the pioneers in padded bras, we offer our capabilities in all shapes and forms, and in all sizes, from AA to K and beyond. 

Best Bra with INGENITEX

Experience excellence in every detail of our bra pieces. Our commitment to unparalleled quality is evident in the meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that each bra exceeds the highest industry standards.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is embodied in every aspect of our manufacturing process, including the bra cup molds we use. Crafted from premium, eco-friendly materials, these molds ensure that the bras we produce are not only comfortable but also environmentally responsible. Our dedication to using sustainable materials reflects our vision for a greener future without compromising on the superior quality and comfort that define our products.

Discover Women's Panties

Women’s panties are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. At INGENITEX, we take pride in producing high-quality panties that are comfortable, stylish, and designed to meet the needs of modern women. Our apparel is trusted by both retailers and consumers alike for several reasons. 


Firstly, we have a strong reputation for using premium materials and employing skilled artisans who are passionate about their craft. This ensures that our products are made to the highest standards of quality and durability. ==Secondly, we offer a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to cater to the diverse preferences of customers. Whether it’s a seamless thong or a lace-trimmed brief, we have something for everyone.


Lastly, our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We strive to provide exceptional service and ensure that every customer feels valued and appreciated. Brands and retailers choose us because they know they can rely on INGENITEX to deliver exceptional products that their customers will love.

We use a variety of materials to create our women’s panties. Some of the most commonly used fabrics include:

Cotton: Cotton is a tried-and-true staple in the world of underwear. It is known for its softness, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties. Cotton underwear is lightweight, easy to clean, and provides a comfortable barrier between your skin and clothing.

Nylon: Nylon is another popular choice for women’s underwear. It has a silky-smooth texture and is fast-drying. Nylon underwear is also wrinkle-free and retains its shape well, making it ideal for form-fitting ensembles.

Spandex: Spandex is known for its incredible stretch and ability to mold to the wearer’s skin. It offers a comfortable and held-in feel, making it a favorite among women with an active lifestyle.

Mesh: Mesh fabric adds a touch of style to women’s underwear while providing excellent ventilation. It helps keep to cool and comfortable, especially in warmer climates.

These are just a few examples of the materials we use in our products. Each fabric has its own unique qualities and benefits, ensuring that our panties are not only fashionable but also comfortable to wear.

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Explore our diverse range of products, categorized for your convenience







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Product Development

We bring products to life. Our development capabilities include:

Technical Expertise: We can guide you through the technical development process, including fit, quality, testing, materials and components developments. 

Design: Our team of designers support our brands with trends, mood boards, collections, ranges and single products, and work closely with our technical teams to ensure your garments are fit for production while looking beautiful.. 

Technologies: We are the pioneers in bra cup molding, bonding, ultrasonic, and laser technologies in lingerie, and we incorporate these seamlessly in our product development.

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