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Activewear Excellence

INGENITEX, your ultimate destination for top-of-the-line activewear that blends cutting-edge technology with fashion-forward designs.

Women's Activewear

Unrivalled Fitness Gear: Elevate consumers' workouts with our fitness apparel, thoughtfully designed to ignite users' performance and enhance your motivation. From empowering yoga sessions to pulse-pounding runs, our activewear keeps pace with consumers' every move.


Athleisure Fusion: Embrace a lifestyle that radiates both dynamism and elegance. Our athleisure line bridges the gap between sport and leisure, allowing users to transition effortlessly from the gym to the city streets in style.


Team Spirit with Custom Sportswear: Our custom activewear solutions offer superior quality and design, fostering a sense of unity and determination among athletes.

Men's Activewear

Our Men’s Activewear collection is designed for the modern man who wants the best. It’s being made as per requirement of brands and retailers with cutting-edge design, ultimate comfort, and unbeatable durability. Whether consumers are going to the gym, exploring the outdoors, or just living an active lifestyle, our activewear will help to push users' limits while looking great. It’s more than just clothing; it’s a statement of excellence. Step into a world where every move is met with unmatched performance and every look exudes confidence. Discover the true essence of men’s activewear, and make every moment an opportunity to shine.

Choose INGENITEX - Where Activewear Dreams Emerge Victorious

Collaborating with INGENITEX isn’t just a business venture; it’s an empowering journey. We create activewear that tells stories of triumph, resilience, and style.

Partner with INGENITEX today and embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond ordinary activewear manufacturing. Let’s redefine the limits of performance and unveil the full potential of your brand with our extraordinary activewear collections.

Elevate your activewear game - choose INGENITEX, the epitome of manufacturing brilliance that fuels your brand’s success. Ignite the spark of greatness and embrace the future of activewear with us.

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